Chen’s Style Tai Chi

Chen’s Style Tai Chi is the oldest form of all the other styles of Tai Chi Chuan. It originated in Henan’s Chen Valley about 600 years ago. In the years of Hong-wu of the Ming Dynasty, Chen Wang Ting created this new form of Chinese martial art on the foundation of Tai Chi Ying Yang theory coupled with “Dao Ying” (regulated breathing) and “Tu-Na” (breathing exercise), based on traditional Chinese medicine. It combines Yin-Yang opening and closing, interchanges reality and false hood, mingles strength and gentleness, and alternates swiftness with slowness.

The great master named it Tai Chi Chuan and it can be taught to people of all ages. Chen’s Style of Tai Chi consists of not only hand techniques, but also involves the use of various types of weapons and hand forms. It is not only for exercising purposes, but can also be used in combats as well. When practiced properly on a regular basis, a person can attain better heath and a longer life span.


陳 氏太極拳距今已有六百多年,源自河南溫縣陳家溝,陳氏太極拳 是各派太極拳的始源。在明朝洪武年,由陳王廷(l600-1680)所創。他依據祖傳之拳術,博採眾家之精華,結合太極 陰陽之理,參考中醫經絡學說及導引、吐納之術,以其獨特運轉之纏絲勁,創造了一套具備有陰陽相合,剛柔相濟,巧妙無此的太極拳。

陳氏太極拳所括的內容豐 富,除拳術外,更有各長短兵器和各種對 練套路。在動作正確的基礎上,持之以恆的鍛煉,都可收到治病健身、延年益壽的效果。陳氏太極拳不單健身有法,在實際技擊上獨 樹一格。以螺旋纏絲的內勁,以靜制動,亦可得機得勢,捨己從人,引勁落空,借力打人。是一種內外兼收的拳術。

由陳氏太極拳更衍生出後來的楊、吳、武、孫等 各式太極拳,且各 有所長,故實為極珍貴,且屬極上乘的中華傳統武術。