Choy Lee Fat


蔡李佛”是南拳優秀拳種之一,源自“少林”。它套路繁多,內容豐富,手法重攻防配合, 步法靈活而穩健,發勁剛中帶柔,講究發聲與動作的配合。動作舒展大方,拳路氣勢磅礡。

蔡 李佛始祖陳享公以天賦智慧,集蔡、李、佛門諸派絕技,參眾妙,集大成,去蕪存菁,加以變化。 以拋、穿、掛、掃、插、擒、拿、鞭、頂、撞等手法為經,合:釘、撩、踢、掃、截、勾、彈等腳法為緯。攻主快、狠、準,守主靜、閒、觀。不動靜如湖面水,動 如驟浪傾孤舟。簡單中趨繁, 平凡中蘊奇,盡陰陽之理,虛實之道,變幻無端。念技源肇少林佛門,以冠蔡福、李友山兩師姓氏於首, 故命名為『蔡李佛』。

Choy Lee Fat

Choy Lee Fat is derived from Shaolin martial arts system, combining agile footwork, kicking and leg maneuvers of Northern Chinese martial arts with intricate Southern Chinese hand techniques. It is one of the most complete and effective arts for both health and self-defense. Our style emphasizes relaxed, internal power rather than stiff, muscular force. This is not only more effective, giving the smaller person an advantage, but is also better for the practitioner’s health. Unlike many other martial arts, Choy Lee Fat contains a wide range of techniques, including long and short range punches, devastating kicks, deadly sweeps and takedowns, lethal pressure point attacks, joint locks and finally, grappling.

Choy Lee Fat also has thirty-six forms teaching the use of a large arsenal of traditional kung fu weapons, divided into long, short, twin and flexible categories. Lastly, it includes internal training such as meditation and Chi Kung breathing exercises.