Paul Tam


Sifu Paul Tam 譚振江師父

For nearly two decades, Paul Tam has dedicated himself to the art of Choy Lee Fat under the study of Master Hilbert Yiu.

He started Choy Lee Fat in 1988 and achieved the black belt rank in 1992. Ranking #1 In National Black belt League on both Hand and Weapon form  for three consecutive years, 7th degree master level under the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations and 6th Duan in Chinese Wushu Duan Wei System from Chinese Wushu Association. Currently, he is the head instructor of CLF Kung Fu Club and Tai Chi Instructor for many Business Corporations and Community Centres.

Paul is adept in a variety of fields including hand forms, weapons, self-defense techniques, and full contact sparring as well as Chen’s Style Tai Chi. Training as black-belt for more than fourteen years now, he continues his studies in both Choy Lee Fat, and Chen’s Style Tai Chi.

Throughout the past Twenty years, Paul has won over 40 first place and grand championships in both regional and international competitions. He also represented 3 times as Team Canada to compete in the World Traditional Wushu Festival held in Zhengzhou, China.  Paul has won 3 Gold and 1 Sliver medal for Canada in “The World Traditional Wushu Championships” in China.


Sifu Paul Tam 譚振江師父

Sifu Paul Tam 譚振江師父

振江武術館,譚振江師父(Master Paul Tam)習武於 恩師姚崇英師父門下二十餘年,是雄勝蔡李佛第七代傳人。譚師父醉心武術,博通拳術套路、兵器、推手、舞獅及自衛術等傳统武術,並精研陳氏太極拳,譚師父得 到中國當代武術十大名師之一/陳氏太極拳第十一代嫡宗傳人陳正雷宗師多年悉心栽培,現為陳氏太極第十二 代門人。譚師父已考獲中國武術段位六段。