To know the taichi origin, we must clear about the implication of the word—- taichi. “tai” is taixu which means the highest, the greatest and the remotest, “xu” means emptiness, taichi (in Chinese) means the great void, the universe, absolutely empty, lack of substance, but is full of energy, taichi is the highest and final state which all Kungfu practitioners long for.

The universal principle is that taichi producing yin and yang which are the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine and negative, the latter masculine and positive. In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin and yang has the wonderful property of unity of opposites, being interdependent, well coordinated and transforming each other. Based on these characteristics, and combining yin and yang, a unique set of exercises was created, so we call it “Taichi’ . If you adhere to the requirements of each posture strictly and study assiduously and perseveringly, you can finally reach the perfect Kungfu state —— ballencing yin and yang ,that is to say, 50% yin and 50% yang., unifiing the figure and internal energy just like the Taichi pattern ——- an integral whole.

Taichi boxing originated itself from Chen village, Wenxian county.

Chen village located at the Qingfeng mountain range, eastern Wenxian county, the village used to be called Changyang village 600 years ago. According to the documents of Wenxian county history, before Ming dynasty, there were almost no signs of human habitation in Wenxian county. Later on, more people from other parts moved to this place gradually, as a legend goes until now, “ The ancestors of present Wenxian county came from Hongtong county, Shanxi province.” Chen Bo, the forefather of the Chen family, came from Zezhou Jun (Jincheng city today), and then moved to Hongtong county, Shanxi province. In 1374 Chen Bo moved to Huaiqing Fu ( Qinyang city today), just because of his good reputation, honesty, tolerance, and skill in Kungfu, people called the place he lived “Chenbo village”. Descendants of Chen Bo moved to Changyang village ( 10 miles to the east of Wenxian county)because of much damage and crop failure caused by waterlogging, later with a flourishing population of Chen family, Chanyang village became known as Chen village.