2012 Chen’s Tai Chi Seminar


CLF Kung Fu Club


Chen’s Tai Chi Seminar – Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei







Event Host: CLF Kung Fu Club – Paul Tam
Speaker: Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei


  • “Top Ten Grandmaster of Wushu of Present Day China” by Wushu Federation of China
  • 19th Generation of Chen Family
  • 11th Generation Direct Line Successor Chen’s Tai Chi


Date: May 20th, 2012 (Sunday)  Starting at 12:00pm
Location: CLF Kung Fu Club, Unit 150 – 5720 Minoru Blvd, Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2A9


Events Details


First section starting from 12:00pm
Second section starting from 2:30pm
Third section starting from 5:30pm


First Section:






Old Frame 1st Routine


Details movement introduction of traditional hand form of Chen’s Tai Chi Old Frame 1st Routine. Training & explanation of movements in Old Frame 1st Routine.


  • 2.5 hours training
  • For beginners and other practitioners
  • 1st Routine’s movement usages and descriptions


Second Section:






Chen’s Tai Chi Broadsword


Details movement introduction and training for the complete routine.  This routine is short & practical on every movement. It truly shows Chen’s Tai Chi special characteristics.


  • 2.5 hours training
  • For beginners and other practitioners
  • Broadsword Routine’s movement usages and descriptions


Third Section:






Chen’s Tai Chi Push Hand


Details introduction and training on  push hands drills by incorporating practical techniques such as grappling, holding, taking down, kicking and striking into the eight main types of strengths and applications, namely Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao.


  • 1 hour training
  • For Students with Tai Chi training experience


Seminar Cost:





Single Section:



First Session $80.00
Second Session $80.00
Third Session $60.00


Special Packages:


Select First + Second Sessions $144.00
Select First + Third Sessions $126.00
Select Second + Third Session $126.00
Select First + Second + Third Session $187.00


Registration:  For More Information 604-779-7729 or www.clfcanada.com