2011 Hong Kong Chen’s Taichi 18 Form Class 陳氏太極精要十八式

Date: November 5th, 2011 (Saturday)

日期: 十一月五日 (星期六)


Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm (two sessions)

時間: 下午三點到六點 (分兩節)
Location: Dancing Art Center, 22/F SUP Tower, 75-83 King’s Road, Hong Kong

地址: Dancing Art Center, 22/F 聯合出版大廈, 75-83 英皇道, 炮台山

Fee: $500

費用: $500

To register for the 18 Form Class, Click Here.

Seminar on Life Prolongation and Health Care of Chen’s Taichi

Dancing Art Center is proud to invite Master Paul Tam to host a Chen’s Taichi Seminar in Hong Kong. If you are interested in participating this event, please don’t miss this opportunity to meet with Master Paul Tam.  The following is the seminar’s details:

Master Paul Tam will lecture and teach Chen’s Taichi 18 Form.
Please make appointment for private lessons.
Fee: $700 / hr


如需要私人教授 — 請預約時間

Contact Phone #: 852-6020-5494 / 852-2571 9097

聯絡電話: 852-6020-5494 / 852-2571 9097