July 6 amp; 7, 2013 (Saturday amp; Sunday)

    • First Session – July 6th – Old Frame 2nd Routine ($145.00)

Learn the movements of the 2nd routine and its distinctive energy-releasing technique and how this routine improves agility, stamina, explosive force, cardiopulmonary function, and self-defense skills.

    • Time:
      • PART I – 9:30am – 12:00pm
      • PART II – 1:30pm – 4:00pm
    • Details:
      • 5-hours training
      • For beginners and more advanced practitioners
    • Second Session – July 7th – 18-Form Chen’s Tai Chi Sword ($115.00)

Learn the sword techniques of this routine and how it combines with the spiral force, footwork, and body movement of Chen’s Tai Chi to present a graceful yet powerful swordplay. It helps improve agility, stability, and flexibility.

    • Third Session – July 7th – 18-Form Chen’s Tai Chi($75.00)

Learn all the movements of this routine, which was choreographed by Grandmaster Chen. With the spiral force as the core, it covers all the basics, characteristics, and health benefits of Chen’s Tai Chi.

    • Time:3:30pm – 5:30pm
    • Details:
      • 2-hours training
      • For beginners and more advanced practitioners

Special Packages

  • First Session + Second Session = $245.00
  • Second Session + Third Session = $175.00
  • All Three Sessions = $310.00

For Registration: lt;lt; C l i c k  H e r e gt;gt;

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